Maryland Slow Net

    The Maryland Slow Net (MSN) is a CW traffic and training net sponsored by the Anne Arundel Radio Club (AARC). Net operating speed is about ten words per minute. MSN is a section net and is a member of the National Traffic System (NTS). MSN meets daily at 7:30 PM prevailing Eastern Time on 3563 KHZ. All are welcome.

    If your are interested in learning net procedures and traffic handling and meeting some of the friendliest operators in amateur radio, MSN is your ticket to great personal reward and satisfaction. MSN affords an excellent opportunity to improve code proficiency for license upgrade or just to enjoy CW more. In these times, it also provides training that can be used in emergency operations.

    MSN sponsors an on-the-air traffic training course. It is available for the asking by simply checking in to MSN on a regular basis. After a preliminary briefing by the Net Manager or one of the Instructors, each time you check in, you will be assigned a Volunteer Instructor who will send you a series of messages (typically 3 per session). At the end of each session, feel free to ask any questions that you have.

    MSN is your opportunity to learn and the place to make mistakes without feeling like you are interfering with a busy traffic net. MSN handles traffic at a speed with which you are comfortable, either with the training messages or real traffic you are trying to send. A few pointers to aid you in checking into MSN are outlined in the sign in sections below.

Net Sign In
Operating Tips
Passing Traffic
Numbered Radiograms (PDF File)

From ARRL Web ARRL Message Info FSD-218 Individual Sections Below

Net Q Signals (Part of FSD-218)
Regular Q Signals (Part of FSD-218)
Message Format (Part of FSD-218. Slightly different version)
Abbreviations (Part of FSD-218)
Radiogram form (PDF))

Also from ARRL HQ
National Traffic System Manual
More information about the National Traffic Systems and Message Handling

    Don't know Morse Code but want to learn. Google Morse Code and look around.

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